Business Principle #4

It’s the Best of Times, the Worst of Times…How well you do depends on which side of the trends you are on.

Going Global

Going global means you have a business that has the ability for global diversification which provides worldwide expansion. Our takes all of the financial risks when opening in a new market and our compensation plan is seemless throughout the world. Someone can buy our products in Asia and you get paid in the currency from the country you reside.

Global Economic Meltdown

In February 2009, the US Labor Department reported that unemployment reached 7.6%. 11.6 million Americans are unemployed. Many of these people are professionals who are on the wrong side of trends. They are not going to find another job, because companies in their fields are not hiring!

As you may know, the economic meltdown has caused this.

Many of these very talented people will be forced into entrepreneurship and they will be looking for businesses. Are you going to be ready to profit from this large group of people?


The World is Flat has been a best-seller in book stores. It discusses how technology has changed everything. With computer, internet, and a phone line,

people are able to run multi-million dollar business from their home. The world is flat as a computer screen meaning you can video chat, present concepts, and talk through your computer and the other person can be on the other side of the planet.


Every 8 seconds someone turns 60 years old. This group is referred to as baby-boomers. What products do baby-boomers want?

What I recommend you do is increase your financial IQ.