Unique, Consumable Product

Why a CONSUMABLE Product?

There’s a saying in business – “You’re only as good as your last sale.”

In normal market conditions, car salesman and realtors can make good commissions, but they are unemployed until their next sale…they have to keep selling and finding new customers to make money. Think about it from this prospective….how many cars and houses do you buy a year?

A consumable product is one that people buy, use, then then buy again. Food, gas, and personal care products are examples of consumable products. When people run out, they have to buy more product creating a repeat, automatic business.

Why a UNIQUE product?

A product that has a “special thing” about it makes it unique. If you are the company that has created that product, people have to come to you. Apple created that with the iPod and iPhone.

If you don’t have a unique product, you end up competing on price. People will spend more money and often times go out of their way to purchase unique products.

So if you end up with a product that isn’t unique, then you compete on price. Imagine trying to compete with Wal Mart…that is what will happen, if you end up competing on price.

A patent can be one way keeping a product unique. If you get a U.S. Government and/or Worldwide patent, your product remains unique, because only you can produce that product with that method.

Excerpt from Retiredat32