by Gail Buckley

1. Do something you love.
2. Believe in yourself and think positive.
3. Even though it’s home-based, it’s still work.
4. Only fools rush in – don’t be one of them.
5. Your computer is your lifeline, make sure it’s reliable.
6. Don’t jump the gun in deciding what you’re going to sell.
7. Plan, plan… and then plan some more.
8. Stand out from the crowd.
9. Design a content rich, customer-friendly site around your USP (or have one designed for you).
10. Pick a domain name that is catchy and easy to remember.
11. Don’t scrimp when it comes to selecting a hosting service.
12. Make it easy for your prospects to purchase from you.
13. Keep your site up-to-date.
14. Establish your presence online.
15. Keep track of your successes and failures.
16. Build your own opt-in list.
17. Consistently follow-up with all your customers.
18. Be patient and consistent in your promotional efforts.
19. Don’t rest on your laurels.
20. Above all, stay committed to your plans and goals -regardless of how long it takes to realize them.